• Size of the field : 7 x 15 metres

• Height of the net : 10 centimetres lower compared to regular height

• Ball handling : It’s not allowed to perform an attack by overhead passing, use spike or forearm passing instead. Ball handling rules are equivalent to beach volley rules

• General playing : There are no separate front line or back line players. The ball touching the boundary line is good.

• Point counting : Team will be disqualified after being late more than five minutes from the beginning of the match. Result in these cases is 0 – 2.

• Serve: The way of serve is not restricted in any way. Same player cannot serve all the time although there are no front line or back line players.

• Count of players : Minimum 4 and maximum 12 players in the team. There are four players per team in the field at the time (in mixed division two men and two women). The substitutions can be performed without any limitations ”on the fly”. All the players have to be over 18 years old

• Divisions: Women, men, mixed and business division (business is for companies etc.).

• Insurance: Players are not insured by the organizer so everyone has to take care of her/his own insurance against accidents.